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Benefits of Peruvian virgin hair

There are many benefits of using Peruvian hair. When custom blending the hair for a system it is the responsibility of the production to match the hair color exactly allowing for a very natural blend from the system to the existing hair.  Peruvian body wave hair has natural light reflection so light reflects off the system in the same manner as the growing hair pretty much eliminating any lines of demarcation that may occur. Peruvian loose wave  looks and feels more natural and should the color fade it can also be colored to match the growing hair bringing it back to its original color. Natural hair weave can be permed to match an existing curl pattern of the growing hair and if left with a natural wave usually will blend with anyone’s own growing hair.  It also has the great advantage of the wearer being able to work with the hair as if it’s their own.  low dryers, curling irons and other heated styling tools will not damage the hair allowing for a certain degree of versatility for the hair wearer and there are no special products required for cleaning and hair care.

For those wanting the ultimate in natural look and feel a good quality human hair system is really the way to go.

In conclusion, while both human hair pieces and synthetic hair pieces are good choices, it is really up to the hair wearer to decide what is best for them. A natural look, comfortable feel and easy maintenance are important to the wearer , human hair is a great choice.

When should to wash your hair

In daily life,when ask people “how often do you wash your hair or lace wigs ?” and you’ll get a different answer every time. There are no straight answers to this perennially thorny beauty issue. The truth is, how frequently you shampoo depends on a wide myriad of factors, whether that’s hair texture, scalp condition or whereabouts you live.


Hair texture and density are crucial when it comes to deciding how often you should wash your hair. In general, thicker hair takes longer to get oily because of the sheer amount of it.Brazilian Curly hair also tends to require less frequent washing. “I compare thick, curly hair to denim,” says New York-based hair artist Abraham Sprinkle. Perhaps more important than texture in determining how frequently you should head for a lather is the condition of your scalp, and how active it is in producing oil.“If you have oily scalp, then daily washing is needed,” says Carolyn Goh, MD, assistant clinical professor at UCLA. How frequently you need to wash your hair also depends on your lifestyle choices. If you run 10k every day, for example, you’ll likely clean your hair daily as part of that routine. If your hair has recently undergone treatment such as keratin, chemical straightening or relaxing, you should consider washing it a bit less frequently in the short-term, to reduce the stress it’s under.